You need help but who do you turn to?

Choosing and hiring private detectives can be a daunting decision.  Its going to cost a fortune right?

Xpol are your obvious choice.  Ex Police with specialist training from your local area.  Decades of experience, integrity and seeking the truth - we have seen it all and are experts in how to help.  We are a community interest partnership .  We are motivated by the desire to get justice and peace of mind for you and benefit the community as a whole.  

How much will it cost? -  Probably less than you think.   We would get swamped, and wouldn't survive for long as a free service,  but we only charge enough to make the service sustainable.     Xpol is not driven by profit. - Helping people is our motivation.

Click the services tab above to see the wide variety of services available.         

Always contact Police first if crime committed to report crime and pursue all avenues of enquiry.

Ex Police or specialists wanted. Call for an informal chat and join us today to make a (continued) difference in your area.