There are so many ways we can help with your problem or worries.   Experienced advice, and pointing in the right direction for simple cheap devices will often sort the problem.      Larger investigations / surveillance / stake outs are no problem using connected agencies.   No job too small or too large.     Priority given to vulnerable people every time.    

The advice given is free during your initial contact call.

Heating oil. Farm equipment. garages, Houses, Thefts by employees, Car and trailer, Any type of theft issues - we can help.
Are you a farmer getting thefts frequently?  Are you a school or hard up family loosing heating oil?  These are issues of particular interest we can help with.  You should call us now.
Bullying, elderly abuse, stalking, assaults, threats, skiving / thieving staff, cheating partners , flytipping etc - we can help.       
Call us now.
We will prioritise young or vulnerable people and costs are reduced for those in need.
Surveys of homes, outbuildings, farm buildings, schools etc .   We can tell you how they will likely attack you and advise you how to deter and alert you to prevent becoming a victim.  Importantly - we will advise you exactly what to do at the time with a safe action plan. Real experienced practical advice and assistance.